Networking Events for Small and Medium-sized Business Owners:

Exactly what Not To Do If You Want More Clients!

Nexus business networking EssexMany people get nervous the first time they go to a business networking event and sometimes this manifests itself in some strange behaviours that will not help you achieve your business networking goals.

Here are some things you should definitely try to avoid when you attend business networking events;

Don’t attempt to be cool and do not over compensate for your uneasiness by bragging about your business. This is a major turn-off! Remember you are there to form and maintain beneficial relationships.

Do not let “What do you do?” be the first question you ask! Let it come up normally in discussion. Just make interesting and entertaining small-talk initially and soon enough the conversation will turn to the business of the day.

Don’t sit with individuals you already know for most of the occasion. While it might be more comfy to sit with the people you have met previously, it becomes too easy to stay with them, and if you do, you’ll defeat the purpose of being there. Get out of your comfort zone and meet new people!

Keep things upbeat and positive! The biggest turn-off in any walk of life and at any gathering are people who sit around complaining about things. They may complain about the early start, the economy, their customers, their suppliers, the quality of food, the number of attendees and so on and so on…

Most serious business people avoid negative people like the plague and by keeping a positive frame of mind and by focusing on the good things and ignoring the bad you will present a much more attractive proposition to other business owners, meet more people and build more and better relationships that will serve you in good stead for the future.

Finally, remember not to take yourself too seriously! Business networking events are social occasions so be sure to allow yourself to unwind and have a good time. We’re all simply individuals after all!

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