Business Networking in Essex Comes in Different flavours

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Nexus is a networking group that tracks referrals and the business passed between members. As Paul mentions in the interview business networking in Essex and elsewhere comes in different flavours – some groups like Nexus operate as a referral network where each member will actively look to find leads and opportunities for other members.

Other groups are less formal and are more focused on the building of relationships and establishment of a ‘meet, know, like, trust’ arrangement.

What is the difference between Referral Groups and Networking Groups?

First thing to note is that a referral group is also a networking group and one could argue that the establishment of a ‘meet, know, like, trust’ environment is even more important than in a straight networking group. This is because members, as well as referring other business contacts to fellow members, will also refer friends and family, so there needs to be an established relationship before this will happen.

At referral groups the membership is generally divided into ‘seats’. For each industry there is a ‘seat’ and only one company can occupy that seat. This is important because when referrals are made there would be a conflict of interest if there were two members eligible for the referral.

Networking groups generally don’t do referrals – in these groups relationships are built and then it is down to the individuals involved to make referrals. These groups are generally open to multiple members from the same industry and quite often rather than being competitors companies can sometimes work together to achieve common goals.

Nexus Networking in Brentwood

Nexus is a structured referral organisation which tracks the leads and the amount of business passed between members – this ensures that each member gets a significant return on their investment.

Also don’t forget that the investment is not only money, but also time and effort! Each member is required to attend the weekly meeting and is expected to spend time during the week looking out for leads and opportunities for other members.

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