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Essex is one of the most populated counties in England. With the county’s fast commuter links and strong business hubs, Essex is quickly becoming a strong contender for a business’s location. With new and existing businesses wanting to succeed within the area, why are companies choosing Essex as their base?


Location is Key

Essex is home to large cities and towns such as Chelmsford, Brentwood, and Colchester. Such hubs are the location of many large corporations. By having a business in such key areas, networking and trade can be completed far easier. Not only is Essex home to some key economic towns, the county is also coastal. Being coastal is beneficial for industries reliant on European trade or tourism. 

Distance to London

Essex is in a prime commuter spot. With the ease of London transport on your doorstep, setting up in Essex is no doubt a suitable option for those needing to access London regularly.

The capital is the business hub of the country and for many, traveling into London is a necessity for work. Essex, with trains every few minutes into the city, is the cheaper yet accessible option. The commercial property prices are far lower than that of the capital, making Essex a prime option for businesses. 

How Can Nexus Networking Help Your Essex Business?

Your business’s location may be in a prime spot for your industry. However, Networking within the location will ensure you can gain the maximum benefits from your surrounding businesses. As they say in business, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Nexus, with localised meetings, can help connect you with like-minded business people with industry-related knowledge. Our aim at Nexus Networking is to create a network of business people, all wanting to thrive in their industry by helping one another.


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