Business Networking in Chelmsford

Business Networking in Chelmsford

Nexus Networking is a leading business networking organisation with a networking group based in Chelmsford of Essex in the UK. Whether you are a seasoned networker or new to networking, you are most welcome to come along and experience Nexus. Networking is invaluable for businesses as after all “it’s who you know, not what you know”. Whether you own a large company, medium-sized enterprise, a small business or you’re a start-up, Nexus is designed for you. Networking is all about contacts, connections, and relationships. Every organisation relies upon excellent sources of services and products in various areas.

From buying services and products to selling services and products. Both are equally as important for all businesses. Membership at Nexus is inexpensive, only £195 for the first year and £395 for the following year.

Nexus Networking in Chelmsford

Networking style options vary as you can network with Nexus:

  • Online using ZOOM 
  • In person over breakfast
  • In person over lunch 
  • In person over dinner 
  • In person over drinks 
  • Social events
  • Charity events

Business Networking in Chelmsford | Nexus Networking Group

Nexus is a welcoming, friendly, and inclusive organisation that understands that running a business is not easy and can be lonely. 

Nexus is your support group, consultancy, discussion forum, idea generation, joint venture opportunity hub, and an easy way to win lots more business.

If you like the idea of networking or have done it before and would like to try Nexus, then come along!

You can visit for free up to 2 times as a nonmember on ZOOM and it is £20 per visit in person.

So if you are looking for business networking in Chelmsford then ensure to come along to Nexus Networking. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!