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Network connections can be vital to the success of your business. Why? The list is endless. Let’s start with the connections themselves. If you use your time to connect with the right people for your business, the vast expanse of knowledge placed in your lap is immeasurable. As the old saying goes ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. When it comes to business networking, such a saying couldn’t be more relevant. 

If the knowledge and advice given to you through your new connections aren’t enough to justify the time taken to attend business networking, the promotion of your business through word of mouth will be. By being part of a business networking group, you are more likely to be recommended by other members to their clients. Suddenly, your connections are doing the selling for you. 

Business Networking events such as Nexus Networking offer the platform to take advantage of the professionals in the room. However, it is up to you to turn network connections into relationships.


Get To Know Your Connections

The more time spent talking to members, the more you will gain an understanding of their business, and vice versa. With a full understanding of what you do, such connections will be able to pitch your business to the right clients.


Build Bonds

The business industry is competitive. By having a strong relationship with members, they will favour you over your competitors. Build bonds and create trust, to enable others to open up to you. Not only do positive relationships have the potential for sales, but they also allow the ability to talk openly to others. Such open talks can lead to problem solving and advice.


Stay Connected

Once the networking event has finished. Don’t leave the members behind. Strengthen connections further outside of a networking event through emails, meeting up, and phone calls. Being there for one another, whenever required is key to showing that your connections are not simply with sales in mind. 


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