Nexus Networking is an ever growing network of business owners, all with a shared interest of connecting with new people, making and sharing new business. Currently there are 4 morning groups that meet every week, and 1 afternoon group who meet once a month.

Joining a networking group can be very beneficial not only for your business but your personal development too. Listed below are some benefits of what a Nexus membership will provide you with.

Nexus Membership

Free Business Training:

  • You will receive ongoing training and support from fellow members and professional business coaches.
  • Training includes time management, destination, financials, delivery, marketing and sales.
  • Access to training and support will save your business a minimum of £100 per hour.

Discussion Board:

  • There will be a 20 minute open discussion every six weeks where members can discuss any business challenges or issues they are facing.
  • This provides members with a continuous support network where you can get the guidance you need to overcome and tackle business issues.

Online Marketing:

  • Receive daily promotion of your business and it’s products or services via Social Media platforms.
  • Benefit from a third party promoting your business and be positioned as a leading company.
  • Attract new enquiries from an ever-growing pool of Nexus followers

Corporate Social Responsibility:

  • Nexus actively works to support charity and is targeted to raise funds each year for the chosen charity.
  • 88% of consumers said they were more likely to buy from a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society.

If Nexus Networking sounds like something you would be interested in joining then you can apply here. If you have any questions you can all us on either 01206 588 139 or 01440 788 645. Alternatively you can send an email to