Contact Details

Member: Arthur Leslie Tomlinson
Company: Kool Tidy Products 
Mobile: 07836 291 614
Nexus Role: Member
Category: Product Designer


  • Product Design
  • Product Placement
  • Product Packaging 
  • Product Creation 
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Product Shipping
  • Product Molds 
  • Product Pricing
  • Product Sales
  • Product Invention 
  • Product Research
  • Product Testing 
  • Product Patenting 

Business Profile

Arthur Leslie Tomlinson is an inventor and creator of products, spanning all aspects of the product creation, design, distribution and sales process. 

As a qualified product designer, Arthur has been able to turn his ideas into reality by designing and creating the full solution.

Arthur founded Kool Tidy Products as his base for product design and expansion.

Arthur has created and patented a one of a kind solution for wiring.

You can buy Arthurs inventions from his website or from major and independent retailers online and in-store.