Are You A Duracell Networker?

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Whether it’s at a networking event or meeting a new client/customer, there is one main thing that can set a business person apart from the rest; energy!

A networker who has a Duracell battery life running at near 100% will be the professional you remember by the end of your meeting.

Many young professionals have a shortage of experience or situational knowledge; they also lack a huge network of relationship capital. But, by putting an effort into networking, anyone can accelerate their success through simply having a bit of ‘get up and go’ about them…

The energy you carry comes into play across all network areas, from meeting someone for the first time to shaking hands at the end and exchanging business cards. If you don’t have the right energy before you step into a networking or connection situation, then you must shift your energy.

Like in any walk of life you will want to feel like you belong, especially if you’re younger and you don’t have many relationships that you can leverage at a networking event. If you don’t carry the right energy when networking, you will not be very successful – its as simple as that; but have the belief to change your outlook.

Thus, networking will be easier if you have a simplified approach to your interactions or connections. Once you have the right energy, make sure you maintain eye contact, smile and always have at least one question to ask. In addition, remember it pays to be “more interested than interesting.” Simply put: Find out what they know, rather than showing off what you know.

When you effectively connect to others and provide value, you can easily connect to what inspires both of you. If you bring the right energy to your networking and connect to goodness, you’ll exponentially experience more success and happiness – become the Duracell bunny of networking!

We strive to help you become better in all areas of business. Whether it be meeting new contacts, improving your business or yourself personally.

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