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Member: Aishah Lorandeau
Company: Norwex Consultant
Mobile: 07990 911 486
Nexus Role: Member
Category: Household Products


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Business Profile

In 1994. Founder Bjørn Nicolaisen is introduced to a miraculous cloth that could effectively clean a very dirty windshield using microfibre and water.

Watch this video to hear the story that took 25 years in the making! 

As a result, the Norwegian operation opens as Eidsvoll Miljøprodukter and the revolutionary “Cleaning without Chemicals” approach—which focuses on reducing the use of chemicals to clean homes—is born.

The Norwegian business grows quickly throughout the country. To support the growth, the company maintains its modest building and invests the profits into creating support systems for Consultants. From the beginning our Consultants, Customers and employees are our most valuable assets.

Today in 2022. Norwex continues to share sustainable solutions to reducing harmful chemicals from homes around the globe.

Norwex is awarded the Standard by OEKO-TEX® certification.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label is perfectly aligned with the Norwex Mission and certifies that every component of the product—from yarn, thread, dye and trim to buttons, elastic and zippers—has been tested and found to be free of harmful substances; so in essence, it is harmless to human health and will not release harmful substances into the environment.

Call, email, zoom or meet with Aishah Lorandeau to discuss Norwex and how its products can help you and your family live a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle.