If you’ve been invited to a Networking event and don’t turn up without your brain switched on, it could be an opportunity missed on your behalf to better yourself – If you go to an event and don’t follow up the opportunity, what was the point in attending?

If you spot a good opportunity in life and business, but have a fear of rejection it can hold you back from following in the steps you ideally would like to take on your path to success in life and business.

You might worry that you’re pestering people with a bombardment of questions, but nine times out of ten you’re not – unless you have attended a 6.30am networking event and someone really has woken up on the wrong side of the bed! But after all, this is business where treating potential clients in a professional manner is the right way for the good of your employer and your general likeability at future events.

The overall question you may want to ask yourself before entering a Networking room is – “What Can I Add To The Group?” – Think positive and go in with the thought of enjoying your first networking experience.

Since you are prepared to give up your own time for the benefit of yourself, applying your full attention to others and have a general interest in what people have to say and offer – you will win over fellow businessmen and businesswomen easily.

However, don’t go in all guns blazing and start selling your company’s products straight off the bat, not only will you look desperate but it will be much easier once you get to know people as well as potentially creating excellent opportunities for you and the business.

While it’s important to go in and enjoy yourself with other like-minded people, you’re also there to create openings with new and existing clients. This networking approach enables you to build a working relationship that contains know-how and trust.

Much like a conventional relationship, you may also start off with a compliment in a bar or a dating app – It’s similar in the business world building rapport with a client will strengthen the trust, adopt an interest in what you are selling and then comes the fact they will begin to like you as a person – which is always a nice feeling!

At Nexus Networking Group you can view a Networking event on this website, on August 22nd we will have a Training Day event set up at Melbourne Community Stadium in Chelmsford – Salerno Way, CM1 2EH.