Rules Of The Game


Nexus Networking: Elevating Business Success Through Connections and Referrals

Empowering business owners to thrive through effective networking, Nexus Networking fosters referrals, relationships, joint ventures, testimonials, direct sales, and fresh opportunities. Adherence to the Membership Guidelines is crucial to ensure all members gain maximum value.

Attendance Requirements:

Maintain at least 75% meeting attendance; strong networking hinges on consistent participation.
Your presence builds trust and reliability within the network.
Absences may mean missed referral prospects; attendance is assessed monthly at the board level.
Failure to manage attendance or uphold commitments may lead to Nexus removal.

Substitute Protocol:

Nominate 5 substitutes, arming them with your concise 60-second pitch.
Share referrals, testimonials, and acknowledgements for passing along.
The lack of a substitute negatively affects the meeting’s dynamics.
Arranging a substitute reflects professionalism and respect.

Absence and Substitutes:

Delegate a substitute for any meeting you can’t attend.
Inform your group via the WhatsApp channel about your substitute.
Non-attendance deducts 20 points; lacking a substitute reflects poorly.
Plan meticulously to maintain engagement during your absence.

Diary Management:

A well-maintained diary is indispensable.
Schedule client meetings around networking sessions.
Networking is integral to business success.

Referral Rewards:

Earn £50 for each introduced member who joins Nexus.
Payments via BACS transfer.
The true reward lies in fostering relationships leading to increased referrals.

Visitor and Guest Protocol:

Visitors pay £25 for in-person meetings; the first 2 online visits are free.
Gain 25 points for each referred visitor.
Guests attend in-person and online meetings for free; notify the chair and group.

Leaderboard and Recognition:

The exceptional performance receives recognition and praise.
The annual top performer wins a £100 Christmas Hamper; the second and third are also awarded.

10-Minute Presentation:

Coordinate with the Operations Coordinator for your presentation slot.
Prepare a concise 10-minute talk, focusing on effective referral practices.
Cover commonly asked questions and offer solutions.

Testimonials and 60-Second Pitch:

Provide written testimonials for positive business interactions.
Craft a pre-meeting 60-second pitch with a clear message.
Specificity and brevity are key; avoid multiple messages.

Training and Induction:

Attendance in training sessions is compulsory for effective networking.
Enhancing networking skills benefits everyone’s earnings.

Positive Contribution:

Express gratitude for business passed with an associated value.
Share visitors invited, referrals, and 121s with members.
Preparedness is crucial for seamless interactions.

Referral Etiquette:

Prioritise quality referrals over quantity.
Include comprehensive prospect details in referrals.
Ensure contacts are ready for fellow members’ outreach.

121 Meetings:

Plan a 60-minute 121 discussion, dividing time for speaking and notes.
Cover your background, products, services, and more.
Focus on effective ways members can refer you.

Networking Events:

Annual Summer Social in June and Christmas Social in December.
Invite guests, partners, clients, suppliers, and team members.


Please comply to avoid Nexus removal.
Nexus maintains a reputable and respected image.
Information sharing with other networking groups may occur upon request.

Nexus Networking: Elevating Your Business Networking Game for Success