Group Roles & Responsibilities

Charity Coordinator

  • Announce the upcoming charity events at every meeting
  • Inform the members of monies raised at each meeting
  • Ensure you have one charity event setup for Nexus members each quarter
  • Sell tickets and take payments for your charity events during the Nexus meetings
  • Ensure all payments for charity events managed by Nexus (Sheila) are collected during the meetings and filtered back into Sheila

Group Director

  • Chair each meeting
  • Introduce yourself to all guests
  • Collect a business card from all guests
  • Ensure all guests have paid their breakfast fee
  • Ensure each stage of the meeting runs on time
  • Introduce all of the committees including visitor hosts and charity

Membership Coordinator

  • To take minutes during the committee meeting and to send a copy of these notes to the three directors
  • Ensure a monthly committee meeting takes place on the first of each month attended by top table plus Visitor Hosts and Education Coordinator
  • Introduce yourself to all guests
  • Collect a business card from all guests
  • Ensure all guests have paid their breakfast fees
  • Ensure any member who does not attend has a substitute

Operations Coordinator

  • Weekly email to members to check attendance & breakfast orders (until automation happens)
  • Ensure the meeting venue is well organised in preparation of the meeting and set up by the visitor hosts
  • Ensure all committee members stand up and introduce themselves including visitor hosts and the charity
  • Arrange all of the 1-1s for the meeting and announce those during the meeting
  • Preperare the speaker roster in preperation of each meeting and ask the upcoming speaker with their bio sheet a week ahead of the date of their presentation


  • Sheila Moses is the events coordinator all Nexus groups and works with the charities to facilitate suitable events throughout the year for the benefit of Nexus charity members
  • Collect payments from all charity representatives from their Nexus meetings for the Nexus charity events

Visitor Hosts

  • Ensure the meeting is all setup in preparation of when guests and members attend. Pens, pads, name places, paper, referral slips, thank you for the money cards etc
  • Gather contact details of businesses that are wanted categories within your weekly meeting
  • Ask guests for 3 business cards, one for each of the top table members
  • Ensure all members and guests are registered / signed in at the beginning of the meeting
  • Provide the group director with the sign-in sheet ready for the meeting
  • Ensure all guests pay for their breakfast fee at point of sign in

Nexus Networking Group
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