Our Mission

expand contact base

Do you want an expansive contact base in order to grow your business?

gain referrals

Providing businesses with a networking group that benefits through expanding network from referral

Learn and experience

Learn from your fellow business owners and share experiences

Our Mission For The Organisation

Our mission at Nexus Networking is to help businesses of all sizes develop and work together to create new, repeat business. We want our members to team up for new ventures as they create genuine, long-term relationships through their Nexus membership.

We want to give each and every Nexus member an expansive contact base in order to grow and ongoing support and training to ensure efficiency. By offering both, as well as supporting local charities, we hope to give our members a membership that exceeds their expectations and gives as much as possible to the local community.

As Nexus continues to grow, we want to further create a solid network of credible, reliable tradespeople and business professionals that are hungry for more business across Essex and neighbouring counties. Nexus Networking wants to differentiate from other networking groups: our meetings follow a structured agenda that is designed to ensure the greatest return on investment.

At Nexus Networking, we want every member to value their part in an organisation that offers them so much in return. Being part of a network that offers support and growth means that our members’ businesses can enhance efficiency.

We want to provide businesses with a networking group that benefits their corporate social responsibility as well as giving tangible returns in the form of new business and ventures. In just five years, we have almost passed £3,000,000 worth of business between our members. We want to continue to provide a transparent service as we are so confident that members will double their money within a 12 month membership.

We are proud of the combination of fun and hard-work we have created at Nexus Networking, with real results found in every individual membership.


Nexus Networking Group
Unit 5, Block B, Nesfield Road
Colchester, Essex

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