Directors Roles and Responsbilities

The Roles Of The Nexus Directors

Danny Nevill

Marketing Director


  • Web Design
  • Web Maintenance
  • Online Marketing Activity
  • Offline Marketing Activity
  • Referral Schemes
  • Systemization and automation

Danny’s main responsibility is to ensure Nexus as an organisation becomes known by business owners in and around all of the events and venues Nexus uses for it’s open days, social events, training days, morning and lunchtime meetings.

Nexus is growing quickly and has become very well known throughout Essex amongst the business community. So much so that there is a waiting list for certain categories, subsequently, new groups have unfolded each 6-9 months to cater to this increasing demand for Nexus membership.

Keen to ensure Nexus is the ultimate business networking organisation in Essex, before the company expands into neighboring counties, Danny has a marketing plan, strategy and process in place to put Nexus well and truly across the map.

In addition to the plans for Nexus as a company. A key benefit for its members are the Free website listings and Free social media marketing that all members of nexus have access to and can benefit from.

As a member of Nexus, simply send any website updates you require to and any marketing related updates, such as your 5 social media posts to 

Gavin Perret

Sales Director


  • New Membership sales
  • Existing Membership Renewals
  • Event sales
  • Open Day Sales
  • Training day sales
  • Social Event Sales

Gavin’s main responsibilities are to oversee sales and marketing activities within Nexus, ensuring each group both grows and benefits from their membership. He is also the one to plan and schedule all events and training days. 

Rob Browring

Operations Director


  • Accounts and Payments
  • Direct Debit setup
  • Stationary and materials
  • Top Table selections
  • Monthly Committee Meetings

Rob’s main responsibilities are to ensure that each meeting runs smoothly and efficiently as well as keeping all accounts and finances up to date.


Nexus Networking Group
Unit 5, Block B, Nesfield Road
Colchester, Essex

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