Fequently Asked Questions

How Can We Help You?

Please find a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question which is not listed, please either fill out the form provided, labelled as ‘Ask A Question’ or send an email to info@nexusnetworking.co.uk as the question will be answered and added to the website accordingly.

Can I try before I buy?

Absolutely, we encourage you to come along as our guest with no obligation to join for up to 2 meetings. All you need are your business cards and £15 to cover your breakfast and refreshments.

What Level of Return On Investment (ROI) Can I Expect?

As the old adage states, you get out what you put in and this was never more true than with business networking. The return on investment varies massively on a per member basis, however typically the ROI for members who have been part of Nexus for more than one year, had 1-1’s with all members and attend most meetings experience returns of around £31,500 per annum.

How Much Does it Cost To Join?

Nexus Networking is great value. And there are multiple membership options to choose from:

Full Membership = £50 Joining Fee + £395 Per Annum + £60 Per Month

  • One Meeting Per Week
  • Category Lock Out
  • Free Training
  • Free Open Days
  • Early Bird Access To Social Events
  • Free Website Listing
  • Free Online Marketing

Lite Lunch Membership = £50 Joining Fee + £360 Per Annum

  • One Meeting Per Month
  • Access To Social Events
  • Free Website Listing
  • Free Online Marketing

Training Membership = £50 Joining Fee + £150 Per Annum

  • 6 Sessions Per Annum
  • Access To Social Events


Social Event Membership = £180 Per Annum

  • 6 Social Events Per Annum

What Should I Expect Upon Arrival?

Nexus Networking is a deliberately different networking organisation designed for business owners to connect, refer and support one another. Meetings are friendly and informal. The aim and overall design of Nexus is to help one another flourish and thrive in business. 

What If I Am New To Business Networking?

We were all new to business networking once and existing members of Nexus understand this. At Nexus it is not clique and members welcome both new and existing business owners to visit and join the Nexus groups., provided your business category is not already filled by an existing member. Nexus is a non judgemental group of business owners who are professional, ethical and supportive of one another.  

Do I Have To Attend Every Week?

To generate the most amount of business possible, we highly recommend for you to attend all events. However, we also understand that you might not be able to attend every event or meeting. That said, the greater your attendance, typically the more business you will pass and receive. If you cannot attend an event or meeting, you can send a substitute, this can either be someone from your team, a client/customer or you can select from over 40 business owners ready and waiting to cover for you from the Nexus substitutes list available on the website – /substitutes/ 


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