CSR Policy


At Nexus, we believe in supporting local great causes. Not only due to this being a good thing to do on a personal level, but also commercially, as businesses, and business owners, we should be proactively looking at how we can support local causes and put back into the community. 

Currently Nexus supports 3 charities and this list is increasing on an ongoing basis. If you are a charity or work with or know of a charity that you would like Nexus and its members to support, then apply or recommend your chosen charity below.

Furthermore, as a proactive supporter of charities, there are some commercial benefits as well, such as being able to actively promote your support and association with said charities. This not only shows your customers how great you and your company is, but it may also be what makes all the difference in attracting great talent to your business, great customers and excellent clients. Apply to join