A membership at Nexus Networking Group can help you to develop all your business needs and discover an expansive contact base in order to grow your ongoing support and training to ensure efficiency.


Whether you are a fledgling business or an established firm looking to grow, Nexus is the group for you!

Imagine if you could choose to meet people who you know you will have something in common with, people who could benefit you by having more knowledge or experience, or just a different way of looking at a situation that could very well open your eyes and help you implement something you’d never have thought of before. Imagine being able to talk to a variety of people that could shed light on new ideas and encourage plans that you thought you were incapable of putting into action. Imagine connecting with people who have connections, who have connections, who have connections.

Your membership at Nexus will enable you to receive Free Business Training on a wide range of topics –

  • Professional business coaches giving you their time, experience, training and support
  • Training topics include Destination, Time Management, Financials, Delivery, Marketing & Sales
  • Access to Nexus training and support will save your business a minimum of £100 per hour – a nice tidy saving

Fellow members will learn more about you from regular meetings. However, our attendance policy allows for substitutes and permitted absences if you cannot attend. Once you meet other members they will tell you how Nexus Networking has helped them boost their confidence – not only in the business world, but from a personal point of view too!

  • Your fellow members become your sales force. Consider the impact of having over twenty advocates actively prospecting on behalf of your business week in week out!
  • Ask yourself if you have the capacity for taking on more business either now or at other times in the year. If the answer is yes then you will benefit from your membership.
  • The average member generates over £27,000 of income per year from their Nexus membership with many members drawing in excess of 40% of their business from active networking within the group

Our website will provide you with extensive know how on what we have to offer at Nexus, as well as impressive testimonials and reviews, where we have helped many people start from the bottom and work their way up.

At Nexus Networking our goal is the same as yours, to better our business knowledge, to grow our connections, to succeed. 

Contact us today if you want to benefit from a Nexus Networking Group membership!