When it comes to networking, we’re often told to detach from outcomes. This is a pivotal piece of advice, but today we are focusing on the outcomes of networking–more specifically, the outcomes for your business. So welcome. Here are 7 ways networking will grow your business. 


1. Scouting top talent 


The whole purpose of networking is to meet new people. That’s why networking is so important. Our ideas become stagnant when we’re not introduced to other people’s ideas. And if our ideas become stagnant, our business will pay for it (literally). Networking is an opportunity to introduce new ideas to your business. Through networking, you can find your next project’s dream team. 


2. Enhanced knowledge


Another benefit of being introduced to other people is their working knowledge of business in general. Success in business has everything to do with your knowledge of business, despite the old adage that it’s all about who you know. Ever heard of a CEO who’s never heard of a Series A? Exactly. Because they don’t exist. 


3. Positive influences


There’s a reason artists hang out with artists and athletes train with other athletes: it’s because our peers motivate and inspire us. Business is its own world and requires dedicated, like-minded people to make it tick. These individuals are the positive influences we need in order to push our business forward. 


4. Brand reputation


Brand reputation isn’t just about adverts and logos, it’s also about the people representing the company. A networking event is the perfect opportunity to develop a brand reputation. If you can market yourself well when networking, you automatically market your brand. Getting your name out there in a genuinely brilliant way establishes trust in, and enthusiasm for your business. 


5. Growing confidence


Related to the way in which networking grows your business is the way that it grows your confidence. Here we don’t just mean the confidence of you personally, but also  the confidence of your company. When a business grows in confidence, it gains the ability to take on larger and louder projects. 


6. Bigger connections, bigger perspective


Networking allows us to encounter the many echelons of the business world and this can include meeting some pretty incredible people. Whenever we come across someone who simply wows us, we always take a bigger perspective away with us. This is a crucial ingredient for ensuring the growth of your business. That perspective might come in handy one day. 


7. Personal satisfaction


So far we’ve covered a lot of material outcomes that networking grants to our business. Here we’d like to focus on something a little more psychological–namely, personal satisfaction. Out of all the ways networking will grow your business, personal satisfaction is the most elusive. It’s hard to put a price tag on this kind of feeling, but you’ll know it as soon as you feel it. Taking pride in your own achievements can only lead to more growth.


Good luck!


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