Welcome back to Nexus and to the second half of our Nexus Networking Benefits post. We thought that it would be best to give you the biggest clearest picture so that you know exactly what you’re getting with Nexus. Let’s dive right back in.


Online Marketing
Online marketing is now your business’ biggest and most important weapon. It is your invisible army. There just aren’t enough hyperbole or metaphors in the world to describe just how important online marketing is for you and your business! If you have not got any online marketing then you will fall behind your competitors (if they do have online marketing that is!) That is where we here at Nexus really come into our own. We are here to make sure that you are leading your field and online marketing is just one of the many things that we use to achieve that goal. We can offer our members daily business promotions (the benefit and costs of which are immeasurable!) that are enacted and devised using all viable/relevant social media channels. Our members help each other succeed. This way success is shared and not hoarded!
Online marketing is your most effective way of gaining full and complete access to your potential client pool. We offer complimentary business (and personal) promotion through email marketing, blog management and social media management; to name but a few!


Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of Nexus Networking. We actively raise money for a wide range of charities throughout the year and we encourage all of our members to be as charitable as possible. Research suggests that 88% of consumers are more likely to do business with a company that supports and engages in activities to improve society. So you will be helping the community whilst also generating more business. A win-win!
New Business
When your join Nexus Networking you become a part of a large team of business professionals who will act as a sales team for you and your business – as you will also for them! You will have over 20 people promoting you and your business every single week! The average Nexus member generates over £27,000 of income a year from their Nexus membership alone. This figure is based on factual calculations of business income. If you would like to contact us to speak about the benefits of Nexus then you can contact us on 07776157503. Alternatively you can email us at gavin@hawkhurstai.com. We look forward to hearing from you!