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As they say in business, it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know!
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Whether you are a fledgling business or an established firm looking to grow, a membership at Nexus can help you to develop. Every business needs an expansive contact base in order to grow and ongoing support and training to ensure efficiency. At Nexus we pledge to commit to both whilst supporting local charities. Below is a snapshot of what you can expect from your membership. Join Now

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Nexus Networking is an established group of business professionals and trades-people who meet every week online via ZOOM.

Over £4.135 million worth of business has been passed between members since 2011. You are welcome to visit for Free as a guest: FREE VISIT

Lockout Policy

Once you become a member, you lock out your competitors so you receive 100% of all referrals

Corporate & Social Responsibility Policy

Nexus members support local charities and this enables you to publicise a CSR policy

Meet The Directors

Danny Nevill

Danny Nevill

Marketing Director


Rob Browring

Operations Director


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Cristina Tinka

“Excellent networking group with great members! I would highly recommend and invite anyone I know..”

Claire Webster

“A great welcoming, friendly and professional group of local business professionals. I have found the group useful to gain contacts and create new business, alongside an opportunity to discuss business issues and gain support and advice.”

Adam Jenkins

” I’ve been a member of Nexus for over a year and apart from receiving business from members it is also a really enjoyable networking group. If you value training and self development as much as referrals then you should definitely consider coming as a guest to see what it’s all about.”

Joshua Watts

” Nexus is awesome and so great for business. Nexus is the leading networking organisation in Essex by Far!!”

Patrick Adams

” I’ve been a member of Nexus for a few years now.
The group are friendly and vibrant. Keen to help one another and they pass good quality referrals. But more importantly with Nexus your money truly works for you as they have in house training which is included as part of your membership fee. As well as supporting a local charity..
Nexus is always a pleasure and never a chore,”

Eric Sigsworth

” I have been a nexus member for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say it has been the best thing I have done. It has given me confidence in myself and my business. I had not worked since I was 26 being a mum and at 47 just starting up my business has been a huge step. Walking into Nexus the first time I felt a little nervous but the moment I stepped in the room that all went away. Everyone is so easy to get along with and so happy it gives me a real buzz to the start of my day on Fridays. Also having an hour coaching with Natalie was fantastic this lady really gives you so much confidence. If I can join this group after all those years not working and not being in the working world then anyone can. Thank you to Gavin for inviting me along.”

Robyn Graham

If you want to do business with a group of professional, friendly and fun people then Nexus is definitely for you! I love attending the meetings every week and leave feeling uplifted and ready to go! . Give it a try! You’ve nothing to lose

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